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We are very blest to have a new Bishop to be installed as the 5th Ordinary of the Diocese of Gary. The Ordination and Installation of Bishop Robert McClory is a significant moment in our history as a Diocese.

It is a sign that the link between us and the Bishop of Rome remains fully intact. Bishop McClory will be able to trace his lineage as bishop all the way back to the 12 Apostles. Yes, the successors of the Apostles to current day bishops has been that protected over the millennia.

For several months we have praying for a successor to Bishop Hying be named. Over the past several weeks we have been praying for Bishop-Elect Robert McClory in his preparation to become our Bishop.

On Tuesday, all those prayers will be fully answer and new era for our Diocese will begin. We will learn the leadership style of our new bishop. We will discover his spiritual gifts and values he holds dear.

Both the Evening Prayer (Vespers) Service Monday evening at 7:00 pm and the Ordination Mass Tuesday at 2:00 pm can be viewed at dcgary.org, EWTN or Catholic TV. You are welcome to pray along via these sources.

Fr Tom