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A Message from Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s,

On any given Sunday does anyone expect to be confronted with “carousing and drunkenness?” It is after all the First Sunday of Advent that season which anticipates the birth of Our Lord. How is it that Joe is warned about “becoming drowsy and anxious about daily life?” What is truly happening in this gospel reading?

Definitely, Advent is the season of anticipation. We await eagerly the celebration of Christ’s birth. No, not just because of presents under the tree but because we have received a greater present, the Son of God.

Our focus should be on the wonder of that gift. God, the Father, has sent his Son into the world because He loves us. Jesus’ birth is the unfolding of the greatest gift ever given. Jesus will surround us with love. The Son of God will pour out forgiveness and mercy upon humanity. The Anointed One of God will be raised on the Third Day forever destroying the last harm that can be cast on humanity. His simple birth will change the world and all human history!

How then do we prepare for such a wonderful gift? How do we ready ourselves to be lavished by the love of the Father? Vigilance! We remain vigilant in anticipation. We stay awake watching for the signs that the gift is coming.

Today’s gospel invites us to enter into that serious kind of vigilance. We avoid the traps of this world to seek the gift that comes from above. We can escape the tribulations this world will throw at us by raising our heads and looking to and for the One who has chosen to come and save us. We chose to stand before the Son of Man.

May this be a grace filled Advent for you and your families!

Fr Tom