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A Message from Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s,

So last week I told you about a new webpage being developed for our combined parishes. The concept is to recognize the values and treasures of each individual parish while maintaining our sense of unity as one parish family.

To assist us in this effort it is necessary to create a new way to convey our unique oneness amid our diversity of history and development. We need a new brand that speaks to this reality of our coming together.

Diocesan Publications is helping us with this effort. They are assisting us in developing a new logo to represent our oneness and our uniqueness and corresponds with our new webpage.

This new logo needs to be simple without being simplistic. It needs to have a central focus while incorporating elements that convey each parish within that central focus.

The logo must also be balanced to reflect the realities of all three parishes and their unique histories and charisms.

The talented folks at Diocesan Publications, a select few parishioners, and staff from each parish helped to plan: 1) A new more user-friendly webpage, 2) the new logo, and 3) a new motto/name for our 3-parish reality.

That effort led us to refer to our reality as One Catholic Family. And its logo will look like this:


Fr Tom