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Human nature is both fascinating and puzzling at the same time. One might wonder, “how it is that God continues to pursue our fickle nature?”

We are fascinating when you think of all the marvelous accomplishments humanity has been able to bring to fruition. We have built magnificent structures. We have defeated horrific diseases. We have written beautiful and inspiring music, or painted/sculpted mesmerizing works of art. We have sent people to the moon and continue to explore the outer universe. Just think how many more feats can be added to this list.

We are also puzzling. We embrace God with faith then turn around and ignore him. We perform great acts of charity yet treat others with indifference or even hatred. We stand up for freedom but seemingly for only a select few. We can be as cruel as we are loving.

Peter today exhibits at first, great faith. He steps out of the boat at the invitation of Jesus. We walk briefly across the water until his attention shifts to the wind and waves. He begins to doubt and sinks. When Peter takes his gaze away from his friend and savior, he flounders.

This Sunday we have an opportunity to examine ourselves in the light of Peter’s faltering steps. Do our thoughts and actions strengthen our faith and trust in the Lord or weaken them? Do we have an initial favor only to weaken due to outside pressures? Do we delight our God or falter and sadden him? Remember, however, He remains faithful to us!