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The celebration of the Baptism of the Lord highlights the importance of our own baptism and what it means to be a member of Christ’s family – a member of the Church

In our day to day routines we can easily forget that we are part of a larger family. Everyday stresses can pull us away from the truly important things about who we are as members of the Body of Christ.  Those same everyday stresses can also pull us away from our immediate family as well.

Once separated, we begin to feel alone, isolated and fear and frustration begins to creep into our lives. Sadly, this was the same experience of Adam and Eve when their sin caused them to be exiled from the Garden of Paradise.

Baptism helps to restore relationships. It establishes a sense of family. It bonds us to God and to each other. It is an expression of love which helps to fulfill and sustain us on our journey through life.

Final thought, I find it interesting that the heavens are closed after Adam and Eve’s sin. Yet in today’s gospel the heavens open for the Holy Spirit to descend and for the Father to announce, “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Fr T