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A Message from Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s,

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, humanity has lived with the illusion that human beings can control their lives and their destiny. Life is in their hands and they can handle whatever is thrown at them.

This is, however, an illusion. We have but a tiny sphere of influence while the rest of the world spins around us reminding us of what little control we actually have.

By now one would think we would have learned the lesson. Yet, even Covid did not fully convert us. We briefly admitted that we couldn’t control this disease, however with the vaccinations in place we can fall back into bad habits.

Today’s gospel story is another reminder that we are not in control. The Apostles are tossed about by a storm and all their sea-going experience isn’t consoling them. They cry out to Jesus to save them.

St. Paul also reminds us that as we put our hope and trust in Jesus (and his cross), we can be assured that all will be well. There is a new order. “We no longer live for ourselves.” Rather we live for Christ who died and rose for us. This begins a new creation.
We are being called into faith. We are being asked to embrace the cross and accept the power of dying to self. Had the Apostles done this, they would not have been so frightened during that storm.

We can benefit from this lesson and learn to let go in order to trust in the greater providence of God.

Fr Tom