Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit, St. Helen’s, and St. Mary’s,

Happy Pentecost to everyone! As we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised, and celebrate the birth of the Church, let us pause and give thanks for both of these special gifts.

Jesus delivers on his promise and sends an Advocate into our lives. There is a force for good and life giving energy presented to us. The Spirit gives life. The Spirit empowers the work of the church. The Spirit renews all of creation. Just as Jesus told Nathaniel, the Spirit brings us into a new birth.

We are born into the love and grace of God. We come alive with passion and energy. We are washed clean of sin and renewed by grace. We are reborn into the life of God. We become God’s children. His love continues to wash over us through the activity of the Church and its sacraments.

The Holy Spirit makes all this possible. The Second Vatican Council gives witness to the revival of the life of the Spirit as a major player in the efforts of God’s creation, the sacramental life of the Church, and its mission activity.

The names Holy Spirit was given to a newly established parish in Winfield 28 years ago for the very same reasons as listed in the above. Meanwhile, our reception of Confirmation also attests to our missionary discipleship. We are called to mission.

We have all been reborn in Christ, through the Holy Spirit for the glory of God, the Father. Today we celebrate our new birth. Let us party with fervor. Let us toast the Father for executing His perfect plan. Let us be empowered to join the Mission to bring people to the awareness of Jesus Christ and his equal partner, the Holy Spirit!

Fr. Tom