St. Helen Ministries

Altar Servers



Dear Lord Jesus,

thank you for

calling me to

serve You at

Your Holy Altar.

During the celebration of the Eucharist

I know that the priest takes Your place

when, together with your People and in

the name of the Church, he makes present

again, Your Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Help me to carry

out my role with

prayerful dignity

and participation

in this memorial of

the Last Supper.

Let me remain close

to you on earth that

one day I may share

in Your glory. Amen.

Art & Environment

The Art & Environment team enrich our worship space to reflect the liturgical season.

A core group made up of parishioners who share their talented background of environment and beauty within our surroundings decorate the church in an effort to instill a fuller participation in the liturgy by those assembled.

Our hope is that through being surrounded by beauty, through fabric, candles and plants will add to an experience and an encounter with Christ.

Eucharistic Ministers

Our Eucharistic Ministers possess a love of Christ
which draws them to the Eucharist and in a unique way they are summoned to a full conscious, active participation when we gather for our Sunday Celebration around the Table of the Lord.

They perform their ministry during the Communion Rite of the Mass by assisting the Celebrant in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ to the Faithful as well as providing Holy Communion to those who are sick or homebound.


Lectors are called from the assembly who have a love for the Word of God and the ability to enhance the understanding and the Proclamation of the Word whenever we gather for worship and prayer.


Sacristans coordinate each Mass and are a close collaborator with the celebrant and liturgical ministers.

The sacristan is responsible for the set up before each Mass and clean up after Mass.

It is a behind-the-scenes job, but one that is crucial to the success of our liturgies.


An Usher at St. Helen is called to be on the front lines of welcoming our parishioners and many visitors to the Hebron Catholic Community. Whether it is seating or assisting our brothers and sisters in faith, the Usher always does it with a tremendous sense of hospitality. Certainly, a part of being an Usher is the taking up of the offerings, but more than that Ushers provide the service of making our visitors and parishioners feel at home and welcome whenever we gather for prayer and worship. It is our hope that people encounter Christ in our Ushers, but also that Ushers experience the presence of Christ in the people they welcome through St. Helen’s doors.

Church Cleaning

Dedicated volunteers keep the church looking beautiful.

Councils and Commissions

Pastoral Council Members:
Laura Roeske: President
Perry Campolattara
Joanne Chang
Linda Mason
Andrea Pastrick
Jackie Reed
Dennis Toporek
Ben Yankauskas

Finance Council Members:
Terry Eich
Michael Mason
Tom Owens

Funerals Luncheons

After the burial your loved one, we provide a time for families and friends to gather for a meal prepared by our own parishioners.

Grounds and Maintenance

Many dedicated volunteers work to maintain a physical beauty of the grounds at St. Helen Parish.


We have a dedicated group of musicians who enhance the Liturgy with appropriate songs for the church season.

Parish Life Commision


Peace & Social Justice Commission


This Parish Peace and Social Justice Commission meets monthly.
All Parishioners are encouraged to join in and help in Christ’s mission on earth.
Members also recruit parishioners who will assist in reaching out to people in need within our parish,
our local community, and throughout the world.
We work to support the good work of
  • Angel Tree, Call-a-Ride,
  • Hebron Country Food Pantry,
  • Meals on Wheels,
  • Missionaries of Charity,
  • Santa and His Elves,
  • Sojourner Truth House
  • and Red Cloud Indian School.