Join Our Parish Family!

Join Our Parish Family!

We welcome all newcomers to our parish communities.

Please come to the parish office and register as a member of our parish community.


Canon Law requires anyone who wishes to be considered a member of a particular parish to be officially registered in the parish.

For more information on how to register with a specific parish, click your desired parish in the right sidebar!

Holy Spirit Parish

For questions regarding registration, please stop by our parish office. Office hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday
    • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Friday
    • Closed


Print our Registration form by clicking here. 

Receive Parish Updates via Email & or Text

We would like to introduce you to FLOCKNOTES

Connecting with us just got easier!

We’re using to help register our members, gather feedback & send out info via email,and  txt msg . All from one, easy place.  If you do not have a cell phone enter your home phone number and we can call you in times of emergency closings or event cancellations.

It’s the best way for you to connect with all of our groups and activities and in the way that you prefer to communicate!


Or there are 2 other easy ways to register (pick one):

Visit our network at 

– or –

Text ____belong______ to 84576

from your phone to subscribe to updates.

Then follow the instructions given from there! That’s it.


Once you have subscribed login to flocknotes.  You and only you can edit your settings.  If you check notify me of any replies, everytime someone replies to their email you will receive the email again with the comments.  If you do not want to receive multiple emails do not check email as it is in the picture below.

removing replies

St. Helen Parish

To join our parish family, please fill out this registration form and return to the parish office.

St. Helen Registration Form