We have turned the corner. Summer is about to give way to Autumn. School is underway and nervously praying to be to stay open. The days are growing shorter and the nights are becoming longer. The cycle of selecting a new President presents itself once again.


Meanwhile, Covid 19 continues to disrupt our peaceful lives. Civil unrest dots our nation. The darkness of injustice still haunts our country. Anger and frustration seems to shadow beauty and vastness of opportunity our beloved United States has to offer.


Today, Matthew offers a perspective to guide us through the malaise of our current world. Consider these four points:


1)   There is a value to holding the Community together. There is a need for Accountability. A sense of law and order is necessary for society to function.

2)   As such, society benefits from the establishment of boundaries. They offer a sense of direction and provide purpose.

3)   In order to stay strong and connected any relationship including Communities require conversation. Dialogue is essential. Prayer and worship are vital to Faith Communities.

4)   No matter what, God is always at work among us. Grace, mercy and love permeate the world in which we live. We can count on his Omni-presence.


We have a choice. We can either join the rhetoric of our current world and be disappointed or we can choose to embrace the wisdom and light of the Gospel and discover true happiness!

Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s,

If you ever wondered what is Advent all about, you need only to look at today’s Gospel reading from St. Luke. What a touching story about two women, both are pregnant, both are filled with the Holy Spirit, though they are far apart in years both are new to this whole experience of being with child.

The interplay between these two faith filled women speaks to the experience in which each of us are invited every Advent season. They recognize the God is at work in their very bodies. The Holy Spirit is stirring them into action. Joy is expressed and a sense of completeness pervades their encounter. They trusted that the Lord’s word to them would be fulfilled. They said yes and accepted God’s request that they allow God to work through them to make our world a better place.

Christmas is just days away. Are we ready? Have we truly prepared ourselves to receive the gift of God’s Son into our lives? Are we willing to be interments of God’s grace to the world in which we live? Christmas is far more than presents under a tree. It is more an exchange of cards, gifts and well wishes. Are we willing to embrace the full meaning of Christmas allowing ourselves to be infused with the grace and love that Mary and Elizabeth exchanged during their brief visit?

You see Advent is all about searching for the joy God wishes to share with us. It is about our efforts to welcome God into our lives so that God’s grace can act within us. Advent is about vigilance in making provisions to assist others who are in need. Advent is about the energy we radiate to bring Christmas closer to ourselves but even importantly to others.

We do have a few more days. We can be ready to welcome the Christ into our lives. We can come together like Mary and Elizabeth to celebrate the work God has begun in us.

May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! May the Angels blessings of peace, become a source of joy for you!!!

Fr. Tom