Pastors Corner

Pastors Corner

My Dear Friends,


When the Blessed Virgin Mary said yes to the Angel Gabriel, everything changed between God, humanity and the rest of the people living on earth. Her “fiat” would introduce God’s Son to the world and the world would be forever changed by that moment of grace.


As we recall her birth this Sunday, we also launch a new way to bring the message of her son to our parishioners and anyone else we can attract to follow us to discover Jesus active in our lives.


That leads to our new logo. So before you push the like or dislike button, take a closer look. What do you see?


  • A cross that is central. What does the cross mean to you?
  • A light from within the cross. How does that speak to you?
  • A circle surrounding a part of the cross representing the eternal God.
  • Letters HS = Holy Spirit Parish & SH = St. Helen Parish. Might this suggest that we have more in common than we realize.
  • The S’s are linked to the cross suggesting that while we are separate parishes we are linked together through the cross which represents Christ.


In truth we are something new. We are Holy Spirit/St.Helen, two distinct parishes linked together by our belief in the eternal God, through the Cross of Jesus Christ and inspired by the light of the Holy Spirit.


That same truth is reflected in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Fr. Tom